1. How do I reserve my tours with you?

Making an online reservation with www.asiastyletravel.com is easy.

Just complete and send the reservation form making sure that you have given us your e-mail address and a valid credit card number.

As soon as we receive your request we will contact your chosen hotel to confirm the reservation. It is our policy to reply to all requests within 48 hours.

Making a reservation through www.asiastyletravel.com requires payment with a credit card.

Please read our Terms and Conditions policy before making payment.

If you don’t want to make online reservation, simply email us at info@asiastyletravel.com , or phone our hotline (+84) 986 152 888.

2. What is the latest time that I can make my reservation?

Even if we accept all bookings that are made on the travel date, we can only guarantee bookings made at least 3-working days for days trip and excursions only (not including Sun & Public holidays) before the departure date. Any the earlier you book, the better chance you have to get a confirmed reservation.

3. How far ahead can I book?

You can book say 12 months in advance, but please ensure you remember you have made the reservation. We will charge only non refundable deposit and require full payment 30 days before departure.

You expect to receive the invoice before that to remind you the trip made

4. Is there any discount for children?

Children under 12 years old may enjoy discounts in accommodation, air tickets and meals. As the discount rate for kids varies from hotels, restaurants and airline companies, you are advised to provide us with detailed information about number of kids traveling and their ages to get the exact discounts applied. The information can be provided in the “Further request” box in every inquiry form found under each tour program.

5. Do I need any vaccination for entering Vietnam?

No, you don’t. However, it is advisable that precautionary measures be taken against cholera, malaria, hepatitis A & B, typhoid and tuberculosis.

6. How can I cancel my travel withAsia Style Travel ?

When you wish to cancel your booked holiday with us, you can do this by contacting us via our hotline (+84) 986 152 888, or our email info@asiastyletravel.com , or email of our staff who has processed your booking. You will be asked to provide details of the confirmation voucher you have received after making payment. For more information about canceling charges, please refer to our Terms & Conditions

7. Can I change my tour details after confirmation?

Once the official payment has been made, changes in tour details should be requested via email (info@asiastyletravel.com or email of the staff processing your booking), and is subject to a surcharge of .../change and further surcharge of hotels and restaurants (depending on each case). Possibility of reservation amendments is also subject to service availability of our suppliers (hotels, restaurants and other).

8. What about disabled and pregnant tourists?

Disabilities or pregnancy of tourists joining the tour should be informed to us as the booking is made. All possible assistance during your trip will be advised, and also subject to surcharge. We will not be held liable if such information is not informed in advance.

9. What is a confirmation voucher?

Once the service you have booked is confirmed and the payment is made, we will send you via email a confirmation voucher detailing all the reservation and cancellation conditions. We suggest you to make printout of this voucher to be kept and presented when requested. Your voucher will be accompanied by a booking confirmation number; make sure to have it in hand upon arrival or check in hotel.

10. What happens to my tour booking if my flight is delayed?

Please inform us and the hotel immediately as any additional or no charge will only depend on the hotel policy. We try our best to offer you the similar ground services.

11. How about the Credit Cards Refunds?

Please note that refunds will be made in the form of a credit to your card account.

All credit card refunds will be processed in a timely manner. The refunds process is dependent on your billing cycle with the credit card company. Once the refund instructions leave our office it can take anywhere from 15-45 working days for the proceeds to arrive in your account.

12. What is the deposit? When will I be fully charged?

Once all booking details are agreed and confirmed, a deposit of 30%-50% of the total fee will be charged from your credit card/bank account (depending on your payment method). Then a full charge from your credit card will be made as you join the tour.

Please notice that either deposit or full charge will be made only after a booking confirmation is delivered to you.

13. Can I pay by cash upon on arrival, traveler cheques, bank draft, bank transfer?

All our tours packages and hotels operate on pre- paid basis. You can pay by cash, traveler cheques, bank draft upon on arrival with our written accord. If you wish to make wired bank transfer, please transfer to our nominated bank account.

Account holder:

Account number:


14. My credit card number is correct, but it is not accepted on your online reservation form am getting an error while making a payment? Why?

There are a few possibilities:

Make sure you are not using a proxy internet connection. A direct connection to internet is required for security purpose.

Our Payment Gateway opens in a new Windows. Make sure that pop up blocking software/features are turned off.

Make sure the input details are correct.

Make sure the card expiration date does not precede the reservation date.

Make sure you have not reached your credit limit.

If you get an error apart from the reasons above, please contact us at info@asiastyletravel.com , or hotline (+84) 986 152 888

15. I have filled in your secure credit card payment form. Why do you need a copy of my passport or of 2 sides of my credit card?

For the security reason, your bank requires our bank in Vietnam an authorized credit card payment form, a copy of the card holder's passport or a copy of 2 sides of your credit card if the transaction is over ....

16. Why is the price at my last check different from that at my last stay?

This normally depends on market conditions and currency fluctuations. During peak tourist season, convention, fairs etc. the prices are likely to change. Slight variation on periodical basis is more likely to reflect fluctuation in currency exchange rates.

However, once booked the accommodation price is completely fixed. We guaranteed that our room rates are the most competitive.

17. Do you recommend travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that all clients take our travel comprehensive insurance when making a booking.

We also recommend that your insurance covers loss of deposit and other monies through cancellation, loss or damage to personal baggage and loss of money, medical expenses, and additional expenses to cover hotel accommodation and repatriation costs should any services need to be extended or curtailed due to illness or other insurance risk.

18. Is there someone to pick me up at airport?

Mostly our tour package is airport to airport so check if your airport transfer included or not on our services voucher.