Vietnam Hotels

When you book a trip with you will usually stay in accommodation packed with Vietnamese character. During the majority of your trip to Vietnam, you will stay in basic but comfortable hotels and guesthouses. These are, wherever possible, brimming with Vietnamese charm and owned by local people. The rooms in these properties will always have a private ensuite bathroom. We also consider comfort and location important when choosing our Vietnam accommodation.

Most accommodation in Vietnam is quite comfortable. However, Vietnam accommodation in more isolated locations- small islands and jungles- are often quite basic. Equally, if you choose to stay with the hill tribes in the mountainous areas, you will find that provisions are pretty primitive. There are no hotels or guesthouses in this remote territory, which makes such modules outstanding for their cultural authenticity. We pay particular attention to providing accommodation options with friendly, helpful staff, proper hygiene and good value for money.

Accommodation categories

We rate our accommodation from 1* to 5* for the comfort provided during a module or itinerary. Be notice that it is different from hotel star rating in Vietnam. The examples and descriptions of each comfort level are given below.

Category 1: 1*

This is basic Vietnam accommodation, in a hill tribe hut or stilted house. You will be provided with a mattress on the wooden floor. Showers are behind the fence alongside the stream. You will stay in one of the hill tribe huts courtesy of a village family. Cosy, very authentic and positively primitive. In other words, you will get a home stay with the local people.

Category 2: 2*

Simple but reasonably comfortable. Vietnam accommodation in this category includes a cabin or room with its own small bathroom or guesthouse. In such circumstances there is usually a fan, and sometimes even air-conditioning. These properties generally possess an authentic atmosphere and/or are situated in a particularly spectacular location.

Category 3: 3*

Most of the Vietnam accommodation offered by falls within this category. You can expect a mid-range bungalow or hotel/guesthouse room with bathroom, fan and usually air-conditioning. Sometimes you will even find a swimming pool on the premises.

Category 4: 4*

At this level of Vietnam accommodation, things begin to get a little more luxurious. You will be accommodated within a spacious bungalow or room with fan and air- conditioning, you'll usually find a swimming pool on the property.

Category 5: 5*

The best category will be the most suitable for you when you travel to Vietnam and Indochina region. You will stay in a full facilitated room and enjoy the comfort. The example of this category is suite room in 5* hotels or in resorts.